Strengths Based Parenting for Neurodivergent Families 

LIVE via Zoom

Tuesday 5th December, 6pm AEDT

Take your family's wellbeing journey to the next level, with an online training event that teaches you tried and tested parenting strategies for a happier, calmer and more confident family life. 

In this two hour live webinar, we'll explore how the science of positive psychology can help you to discover and develop the unique strengths, skills and abilities within your neurodivergent children.

The training will cover : 

* How unique features of different neurodivergent profiles (including Autism, ADHD, OCD and Dyslexia) show up at home and in learning environments across ages and genders

* Why a neurodivergent brain and body is more sensitive to the world around, and practical ways you can create sensory friendly spaces in your home 

* How to use declarative communication strategies that promote respect and help you and your child to tackle 'tricky' tasks with confidence

* Creative, calming practices that support you and your children to discover, explore and develop your unique strengths and gifts

This live training gives you the opportunity to ask questions along the way, and includes a Strengths Playbook with practical parenting strategies you can apply at home for a calmer, happier family. 

Please note: 

While this program contains scientifically backed skills and strategies known to support wellbeing, its use is intended for educational purposes only, and should never replace individualised treatment and care from your healthcare provider.

Should you or anyone in your family be experiencing difficulties with your mental health, please talk to your doctor, or a suitable health care professional, who can help you assess your needs and guide your treatment plan.

Please consider if this program is right for you, as we are unable to provide credit or refund for change of mind purchases. 



If you'd like to purchase using your Australian NDIS plan, under CB Daily Activity, please email [email protected] to be issued with a personalised invoice you can submit for payment through your NDIS portal or plan manager!

$49.00 AUD