Strengths Based Parenting for Neurodivergent Families

Learn how you can apply the science of positive psychology to unlock your children's potential and improve their wellbeing.  



Here's What We'll Cover!


Neurodiversity Explained

Learn how unique features of different neurodivergent profiles (including Autism, ADHD, OCD and Dyslexia) show up at home and in learning environments, across ages and genders (Warning! You might just learn something about yourself too!)

Support Sensitive Souls

Discover the unique nervous system features that impact our brains and bodies, and understand why neurodivergent people, especially kiddos, are more sensitive to the world around them, and what you can do to adjust your home and routine to help them (and you) to thrive

Spot and Celebrate Strengths

Gain clarity around your children's unique strengths and how developing them can unlock their potential and support their wellbeing, and confidently communicate your way through tricky times with neuro-friendly talking tips that help you bring your calm to their chaos.

In this 2 hour webinar, you'll learn how to: 

  • Help leverage your child's unique strengths and specific interests,
  • Create sensory friendly spaces that nurture their energy and improve their focus and mood,¬† and
  • Tackle those tricky¬†behaviours and talk about difficult situations with confidence.

The webinar will consist of: 

  • Live online training with clinical Psychologist and certified Neurodivergent Coach, Mariane Power
  • Group based Q&A session, with the opportunity to submit questions via email prior to the event
  • Access to a bonus Strengths Playbook PDF,¬†to help you capture new ideas and turn them into¬†action straight away
  • A recording of the session, available for 30 days, so you can review your learnings or catch up on anything you've missed!


Get ready to replace parenting overwhelm with 'Oh, I've got this' just in time for holiday season! 


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Hi there!  I'm Mariane,

Clinical Psychologist, co-founder of award winning positive youth development company, The Posify Group, and creator of Messy Magic, an online program helping ADHD women understand, radically accept and make the most of their differently wired brains! 

My interest in supporting neurodivergent families sprung from my journey of raising our two twice-exceptional (gifted/ASD/ADHD) teens. Little did I know that learning how to support others was actually also deeply helping me. 

When I received my diagnosis of ADHD in 2021, EVERYTHING about my life made a LOT more sense. Since discovering my own neurodivergent profile, I've taken a deep dive into the rabbit hole of emerging  research and practices that seek to celebrate and develop our unique potential. I'm so thrilled to share what I'm learning and applying with you, to help you and and your family live with the sense of meaning, joy and ease you deserve.

Interested in working more closely together in 2024?

Whether you're looking for a speaker to support your workplace or school trainings, or keen to dive into one of online programs, I'd love to explore how I can support you! 

Work With Mariane in 2024

The 'Why' Behind This Webinar.

Your child is not broken.

They are brilliant and beautiful.

And their unique differences and extraordinary ways of

seeing things are exactly what our world needs right now.


That doesn't mean raising them is easy. As a parent of two neurodivergent children myself, trust me - I get it!

While no parent gets given a 'how to' guide when their child enters the world, I know from personal and professional experience that as a neurodivergent family in particular, it can feel very lonely and confusing to know the 'right' thing to do when it comes to raising and nurturing your children. What's more, we're way more likely to feel the pressure from other people to 'push' our children toward fitting what the neurotypical world sees as 'normal'. 

The reality is, there is no 'normal', just like there are no 'right' ways to parent.

That said, thankfully times have changed from the days when it was all about raising obedient, productive kids through strict rules and tough discipline.

Research has shown us that solution-oriented and strengths based parenting practices can help us to consistently provide the right balance of warmth and limit-setting. A balance that's especially helpful and protective for our neurodivergent children, who are more vulnerable to stress, bullying and low self-esteem. 

As a committed, compassionate parent, you are well placed to be a force of healthy influence in your child's life, to equip them with skills and opportunities that buffer against risk factors, and help them to thrive. 

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Support your child's unique needs with confidence.

Join the last parent webinar for 2023, and gain science-backed strategies that will bring more calm, joy and ease to your family as we head into the holiday season. 

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