10 Wellbeing Workouts for the Family

Get ready to bring some serious sunshine into your home! 

As parents, we all want our children to be happy, healthy, and successful in life. But in today's fast-paced and challenging world, it can be difficult to know where to turn to gather the tools both we, and they need to thrive.  

This fun, self-paced family based program is designed to introduce you to a number of skills and daily practices from the fields of clinical and positive psychology. 

With each workout, you'll be helping your younger children (best suited to those aged 5 - 12) to

🥰 develop a growth mindset,

🥰 build resilience, and

🥰 cultivate meaningful relationships. 

Together, you'll learn how to cope with challenges, and maximise the joy uncovered in life's little moments. 

Parents benefit too, with tips that help the whole family to

🥰 communicate more effectively,

🥰 manage stress in healthy and helpful ways, and

🥰 model behaviours that reflect us at our best. 

Feel more confident and empowered to support your whole family through life's ups and downs!

What you'll gain:

  • 10 Wellbeing Workout videos, featuring Clinical Psychologist Mariane Power, guiding you through lesson topics that promote gratitude, build confidence, foster positive relationships, and improve social and emotional development 
  • 12 colourful funsheets, ready to download, print and post at home, to help you turn your insights into action and stay accountable to your wellbeing goals 
  • Over 20 links to additional videos and reading materials, to help deepen your knowledge of how you can take a proactive approach to ensuring your family not only survives, but thrives! 

Please note: 

While this program contains scientifically backed skills and strategies known to support wellbeing, its use is intended for educational purposes only, and should never replace individualised treatment and care from your healthcare provider.

Should you or anyone in your family be experiencing difficulties with your mental health, please talk to your doctor, or a suitable health care professional, who can help you assess your needs and guide your treatment plan.

Please consider if this program is right for you, as we are unable to provide credit or refund for change of mind purchases. 



If you'd like to purchase using your Australian NDIS plan, under CB Daily Activity, please email [email protected] to be issued with a personalised invoice you can submit for payment through your NDIS portal or plan manager!

$195.00 AUD