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How a Solutions Mindset Sets You Up for Success, with Clint Ranse

podcast classroom 5.0 Dec 01, 2022

Ever wondered what a career in the entertainment industry looks like?

Our guest, Clint Ranse, has travelled the world as the go-to-guru in pyrotechnics for some of the biggest names in music including Kiss, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Slipknot.

How did he get there? Through the belief and mindset that every problem has a solution waiting to be found. At 21, Clint thought he'd hit the pinnacle of his career, designing the closing ceremony fireworks on the Harbour Bridge for the Sydney Olympics.

That was until he got the call from WCW Wrestling, who had a problem 😳 They wanted indoor fireworks for their show, and Australia hadn't yet built a solution. Clint had learned enough on the chemical aspect for the outdoor fireworks, that he got cracking on creating a solution, and saved a major aspect of their show.

In this episode of Classroom 5.0, Clint shares what he's learned about defining your own success, mental health, and fatherhood, a role he believes is his most significant one yet.

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“To me, success is about being better today than I was the day before”

~ Clint Ranse, Founder My Video Producer 

Keen to take a deeper dive? 

Read about the resources and groups mentioned in this episode: 

  • Learn more about Clint's work at My Video Producer here

  • Read about the mental health awareness work Crew Care are doing in the entertainment industry here

  • Read about Port Macquarie's men's mental health support group, Self Seen here 


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