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Navigating the Future World of Work: How 6 Careers Clusters are Supporting Coaching Conversations with Tomorrow's Top Talent, with Lucy Sattler, CEO of Study Life Grow

podcast classroom 5.0 Jun 13, 2023

Here's a fun fact: By 2025, Gen Z is tipped to represent 27% of the workforce. But are we ready for them? And how can we best prepare them to be ready for us? 

In this episode of Classroom 5.0, I sat down with Lucy Sattler, CEO of Study Work Grow, to explore their 6 careers clusters that are helping Gen Z navigate their decision making around how to best contribute to the future world of work.

From serving fried chicken to co-ordinating military air traffic for the Royal Australian Air Force, Lucy's career has been anything but straightforward. Today, as CEO and founder of Study Life Grow, she uses the leadership skills she learned in her ADFA days to help hundreds of thousands of kids figure out what life after school looks like for them.

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"If you've got an employer who is not embracing purpose, I would say good luck! They are going to find it hard, because this next generation is so bright and passionate, and they want to see change. They're really exciting young people you’ll want to work with.....We also know that they're not going to leave school go into that job and then stay in that job for the next forty five years. They’re going to have multiple jobs. So we need a better way to support them".

~ Lucy Sattler, CEO of Study, Work, Grow



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In this episode, we explore: 

  • What training at ADFA really looks like behind the scenes, and how Lucy transferred her leadership skills she gained there, across to what she does now.
  • How Study Work Grow is helping teachers students and parents gain access to current and exciting careers information and resources
  • The future of learning, and where people are gathering and sharing meaningful resources relevant to careers
  • The 6 Careers Clusters, and how you can use them to spark meaningful career conversations with young people
  • How we can work with youth to reduce their anxiety about the future world and workforce
  • The role purpose plays in the workforce today, and how Gen Z are stepping into impact
  • Lucy’s vision to ensure all students are equipped with tools and resources to create meaningful after school pathways 

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