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Creating a future of learning that harnesses human potential, with Tracey Taylor

podcast classroom 5.0 Feb 05, 2023

When it comes to imagining a future of education that takes a holistic approach to learning, Tracey Taylor is unapologetically optimistic about her vision, and she's determined to unite and take action alongside anyone who wants to see it brought to life. 


Having navigated leadership roles from mother, to classroom teacher, to school principal and CEO of Australia’s Steiner Education, today’s guest, Tracey Taylor,  has recently stepped into the role as Director of Education Policy for Independent Schools Association. Tracey has a lot to say about leadership and the future of learning, as well as the role education has to play in shaping our future workforce and global communities. She's also got a demonstrated history of compassionate and courageous change-making action to back up her ideas for impact....


‘All of the rhetoric from business and economists say we need lifelong learners, who can change, who can be flexible, adaptable, resilient problem solvers, great communicators, great collaborators. That's what we need. So how can they (teachers) do that when they're totally focused on only academic outcomes? We've got to have holistic education to have whole human beings.'  

~ Tracey Taylor


When we met in Melbourne last year, I was struck by Tracey's fierce and loving commitment to her role as a mother. Her relentless dedication to ensuring others related to her neurodivergent son with compassion, curiosity and encouragement was deeply inspiring to me, and I imagine it will be for you, too. In my opinion, Tracey is a walking, talking example of somebody who takes their true internal and intrinsic purpose and makes sure she hits moments of meaning making with it, every single day. Tracey has committed her personal and professional life to taking action for good, and equipping others with knowledge and tools to do the same. It’s a pleasure and privilege to share her insights and wisdom with you here. 


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'And then there's the whole issue of artificial intelligence. Our role as educators for the future is that we need to become increasingly more human to push up against a technological world, which has all the advantages. I'm not putting it down at all. But we need to be ethical. (Because) the young people of the future will be in decision making capacities that will be vital for the future.’ ~ Tracey Taylor


In this episode, we discuss

  • Tracey’s story of motherhood, and why to this date, she believes her children are her best teachers
  • How to approach ‘behaviour management’ through a human focused lens. Tracey shares how through adopting a mindset of kindness and curiosity, we can seek to understand the function of a child’s behaviour, and help them learn healthy and respectful ways of expressing their needs
  • The role and value of inclusive education and leadership
  • Practical tips for culture change, in support of adopting a whole school and work approach to diversity and inclusion 
  • The role of leadership, and the importance of empowering everyday leaders for change 
  • The Steiner Education model, and how it’s similar and different to other educational models. 


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