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Unlocking Confidence: Conquering Imposter Syndrome, with Alison Shamir

podcast classroom 5.0 Feb 29, 2024
Alison Shamir and Mariane Power discuss science backed tips to boost your confidence and manage imposter syndrome in episode 29 of classroom 5.0


Ever found yourself questioning your achievements, or feeling like a fraud amidst your successes? You're not alone. Imposter Syndrome whispers doubts and fuels fears driven by ‘never enough’ thinking in up to 70% of adults!


In episode 29 of our podcast, Classroom 5.0, we explore how you can tackle your own experience of imposter syndrome, and take back your confidence. 


But first, a bit of background on our guest, Alison Shamir, who's no stranger to the impact of imposter phenomenon. 

After enduring months and months of silent and stoic suffering in her late twenties, Alison found herself experiencing a debilitating panic attack in the toilet cubicle of her Sydney workplace office.

This deeply unsettling experience, which remains vivid in her memory all these years later, was her first real encounter with what she would come to know as imposter syndrome or the ‘Imposter Phenomenon’.

Unaware of the condition at the time, Alison embarked on a dual journey of recovery and discovery. Unravelling the patterns of perfectionism and control that had plagued her for years, she was able to see them as they were - stories of unnecessary doubt and acts of self-sabotage. Driven to understand and overcome her own experience of imposter syndrome, Alison opened up a new world of insight and understanding for herself, which enabled her to turn her personal struggle into a professional pursuit.

“What imposter syndrome actually is, is when you, the individual, don't believe that you're as intelligent, qualified, capable or talented as other people perceive you to be, despite clear evidence of your abilities, your accomplishments and your success.

So when we have imposter syndrome, we have the runs on the board, we have the evidence, but we have an inability to internalise that evidence; to internalise the success. Because deep down we're plagued by a belief or a limiting belief that we're not good enough, we're not worthy enough. And so because of that, it blocks us from taking in the truth, the facts, the evidence, and it keeps us in this false sense of intellectual fraudulence."
~ Alison Shamir

Today, Alison is a globally recognised expert and sought after coach and speaker on the topic of Imposter Syndrome. She joins us today to share both scientific insights and practical pathways that will help you to conquer your confidence and step into your power and purpose - unapologetically.


Inside the Episode.

Alison combines stories of her personal battles with insights from her professional expertise, and advocates for diversity and inclusion initiatives that recognise the multitude of ways we can all support ourselves and one another in preventing and tackling the experience of imposter syndrome.

You’ll gain:

  • Up to date, scientific insights on who imposter phenomenon impacts, and why (we bust some myths and point out misinformation here!)
  • An understanding of how to distinguish between your inner critic, and the experience of imposter syndrome
  • The significance of support and inclusivity for people of minority groups
  • Science backed self-care and self-talk strategies to help you build a healthy and whole integrated identity.


About Alison Shamir

Alison Shamir is an Imposter Syndrome Expert, International Speaker, Certified Coach and Media Contributor. Through her work, Alison empowers global organisations, teams & individuals with the knowledge, tools and methods grounded in neuroscience they need to overcome Imposter Syndrome and present and perform as their most confident selves. Alison is also a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is a former Technology Leader turned Entrepreneur. She combines both lived experience and professional expertise to help her clients make transformative change.

"So we are these three dimensional beings and we live in this three dimensional world. And , what I mean by that is we must look at our individual aspects and characteristics and upbringing and exposure, but we also must look at our environmental circumstances. So what environments are we in? What rooms are we in? What organizations? How are those spaces created? And are they created to provide psychological safety for all of us?

We need equity as well. It's not enough just to have a mix of people in the room if their voices are not equitable. If we're not truly bringing all voices, personalities and views to the table, then equality starts to lose its shine." ~ Alison Shamir

Ready to uncover your own confidence?

Check out the recommended reads and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Read “The Imposter Cure” by Dr. Jessamy Hibberd here
  • Read “The Women’s Brain Book” by Dr Sarah McKay here
  • Watch the episode of Classroom 5.0 in Season 2 with Jeff Harry here , where he and I explore our playful approaches to tackling our own ‘Imposter Monsters’ 
  • Internal family systems therapy, a modality to support the healthy integration of your identity. Read “No Bad Parts” by Richard Schwartz, and listen to Scott Barry-Kaufman interview Richard on The Psychology Podcast here 
  • Connect with Alison, her resources and writing on her website here 

And if you’re a woman navigating adult ADHD, and want to learn neuro-friendly ways to support and develop your confidence, I'd love to invite you to check out Messy Magic, an online program I created and teach, with a whole module dedicated to tackling experiences of the inner critic and imposter syndrome. Learn more here

Alison's Take-Away Message : Step up for yourself and seek support

"I'm not special. I'm just an individual who chose to do the work, and sought the right help. I don't have any special powers. I did the journey that I want to encourage everyone else to do and I did not do it by myself. So please lean on people, find your support.” ~ Alison Shamir


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