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Neuro-friendly Tips for Creating an Organised and Happy Home, with Sharon Collon

podcast classroom 5.0 Feb 21, 2023

Think your neurodivergent family is destined to a life of disorganised chaos? Think again. Sharon shares how you can create harmony at home. 


Mother to three amazing neurodivergent children, Sharon was no stranger to mess and mayhem herself. But when her stress levels reached a breaking point, she knew something had to change for the sake of her own health, and her family's well-being.

With a background in executive consulting, Sharon used her expertise to develop neuro-friendly organizational strategies to better understand her family's unique needs. The personal transformation was so significant that she founded The Functional Family to share her insights and help others live happier and calmer lives.

In this episode of Classroom 5.0, Sharon shares her practical and easy-to-implement tips that have helped countless families streamline their day-to-day tasks. Join us and discover the transformative power of neuro-friendly organization!


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" If something is a common problem, we call it a predictable problem. Something that you are doing every day, say for example, my little one getting dressed, it's a predictable problem.  Like putting a CEO hat on, that's when you can ask - 'what could I do to make this easier for myself? "

~ Sharon Collins, Founder of The Functional Family


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In this episode, we explore: 

  • What 'neurodivergent' means, and the different neurodivergent profiles that impact organisational capacities 
  • Sharon's creative approach to identifying her own family's unique challenges and needs 
  • Every day habit hacks, that help you design organisational solutions that keep your 'future self' in mind
  • The role of visual cues in supporting neurodivergent minds to stay on track with daily habits
  • Busting the myth behind multitasking being an effective approach to task execution, and streamlined strategies that support productivity at work and home
  • How executive functioning challenges experienced by people with ADHD, Autism and other neurodivergent people impact our relationship with time, and ways to buffer time blindness.
  • How Sharon's programs and resources at The Functional Family are supporting parents of neurodivergent families to learn and apply neuro-friendly organisational strategies that stick.



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