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Grab your earphones, and settle in. 

Find yourself a quiet space, where you can sit, uninterrupted for just 5 minutes. 


No psychobabble. No tricky tips. Just you, your breath, and your magic within. 


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A moment of calm, connecting with your breath



Join Messy Magic!


Messy Magic is a 6 week online group coaching program, helping women with ADHD to take back their time, and experience more moments of calm, joy and ease.


Join us in November, and gain knowledge & skills that help you manage the 'mess' & master the 'magic' that comes with your uniquely wired brain!! 

You'll gain: 

  • An evidence-based understanding of both the challenges AND strengths of your ADHD
  • Simple daily habits, that help you to manage stress, improve time management and take care of your wellbeing
  • Social scripts, so you know what to say in order to set and keep healthy boundaries, fight your own inner critic, and advocate for your needs
  • Goal setting (and slaying) practices that help you imagine AND share your own magic with the world!  

PLUS!  👉🏼 10 bonus family friendly wellbeing workouts, helping you to help your family achieve happiness and health in 2023 and beyond

Messy Magic is re-launching this November!

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I've been there, just like you. 


Hi, I'm Mariane, Clinical Psychologist, mum to two neurodivergent teens, and creator of Messy Magic, an online program helping ADHD women understand, radically accept and make the most of their differently wired brains. 

When I received my diagnosis of ADHD in 2021, EVERYTHING about my life made a LOT more sense. Including why it was so easy for me to help others set and take action toward their big audacious goals, but so difficult for me to the same for myself 🤦🏼‍♀️ ( time-blindness, anyone!!)

What DIDN'T make sense was why it was so difficult to find evidence based information and practical strategies that helped me, as a creative neurodivergent woman to play to my strengths, and accommodate for my struggles.

It turns out that when it comes to identifying and supporting neurodivergent women, we have a lot of work to do. 

Messy Magic is the beginning of my contribution toward that work, combining what I've learned personally through experience, with my professional and clinical expertise. My desire is to create a safe and creative space for women to explore both the struggles and the strengths of their ADHD, so they can radically accept and celebrate parts of themselves they've misunderstood for so long, and lean into learning strategies that will help them unlock their true potential, and activate their unique magic. 

Wherever you are on your neurodiversity journey, it's a pleasure to connect with you. 

This November, Messy Magic will re-launch better than ever, alongside more online events and programs designed to help you design a career and life that's full of meaning. 

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